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Craig will be appearing at 2021's PulpFest where he'll be selling and signing books from Aug. 19-22, including his newest, WRITE FROM WRONG, which will debut at the festival. He will also have a special presentation at 1:30 p.m. Friday, Aug. 20 at the event. Also look for his article in PulpFest's annual collectible souvenir magazine on the 90th anniversary of The Shadow character in pulp and radio's influence on the character.
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Check out a new interview conducted by Pete Giakoumis and Chris Moore at IFB Interfleet Broadcasting. (Interview starts at the 27-minute mark.)

Craig discusses his favorite "One True Sentence" from the works of Ernest Hemingway with the Hemingway Society Podcast. Hear it here.

A new short story is featured in Columbus Noir from Akashic Books, titled "Curb Appeal." Publishers Weekly said of the anthology, "One highlight is Craig McDonald's 'Curb Appeal,' one of several invoking the homicidal search for housing." The Akron Beacon Journal remarked, "Edgar nominee Craig McDonald, whose books like Toros & Torsos qualify him beyond question, offers 'Curb Appeal,' about a lonely man who inherits a house and strikes up a relationship with the woman flipping the place next door. As a character in McDonald's 2011 'One True Sentence' remarked, 'It's not art until somebody dies.'"

James Ellroy scholar Steven Powell interviews Craig McDonald about the Hector Lassiter series, and the final Lassiter novel, THREE CHORDS & THE TRUTH.

Hector Lassiter series

The entire Hector Lassiter series and a collection of Lassiter short stories is being made available in eBook and uniform trade paperback editions over a course of mere months.

Each novel features a new introduction and reader discussion questions, along with new covers and overall packaging.

I see these as the definitive Lassiter editions and they will in fact represent the first paperback editions available in English of PRINT THE LEGEND and ONE TRUE SENTENCE.

There's something else very different about this edition of releases.

Readers of the Lassiter series know time is used in a most unusual way in the novels. The books are designed to present a larger story and arc for Hector when the series is viewed as a whole.

However, the novels can also be read in any order. Upon original publication, the first four novels jumped back and forth through time, with Hector variously presented as an older and younger man.

The new releases of the Hector Lassiter series will try for something different. We're presenting the books in roughly chronological order—at least in terms of where the main story starts as the novel opens. In other words, the repackaged series now begins with ONE TRUE SENTENCE, the fourth novel in original publication sequence, but the first novel chronologically.

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